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The Michigan Elite 25 Basketball Program will change the culture of youth basketball in Detroit and throughout the State of Michigan by encouraging the top players to create a winning game plan to strengthen their life skills and to help maximize their personal, academic and athletic goals and dreams.

Along with helping to develop outstanding basketball players, this mentoring program emphasizes educational topics, community values, family relationships and the importance of creating a long-term game plan of success, both on and off the court.


Campers are exposed to competition from across the entire state of Michigan. We cover the following: One-on-One Defense, Shooting, Ball Handling, Ball Screening, 3-on-3, Speed & Agility, Dribbling, Positional Training, Motion Offense, Free Throws, Passing


Manhood & Relationships, Nutrition, Leadership, Academic Success, Branding & Image, Social Networking, The Value of Money, The College Experience, Social Responsibility, Communication Skills, Sports Psychology, Character Building, Substance Abuse, Sex Ed and Respect, Decisions and Consequences


We have always made it a priority to expose our campers to life after basketball. Over the years we have visited various businesses including: Lear Corporation, Quicken Loans, and the Operating Engineers Local 324. We have also hosted business executives to speak to our campers, which has included executives from the United Dairy Farmers of Michigan, Google, Microsoft, the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons.

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